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Just came across this: Foursquare has a neat part of their site that elegantly lays out all of your Foursquare checkins in the past year. You can sort by category, relationship, and time. Try it out yourself.

This is rather interesting. Delta Airlines stuffed 6 video cameras into a check-in luggage and put it through the usual route on a trip from Atlanta to New York just to see what it’s like for a bag to go through the whole sorting process once its left your hands.

Holy crap, I may just end up buying an entire Spacepak packing system from Flight 001 after watching this video. He has managed to pack an entire 2 week’s worth of clothes and toiletry in one single carry-on using the compression system found in these individual Spacepak bags. Each bag is designated to hold clothes, […]


Illustration by Brecht Vandenbroucke It’s 8:10PM. I’ve boarded a plane and left NY! I’ve got a robot taking the reigns for the week so the site won’t be completely idle.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Haha, wow, this is terrible! I bet Jake loved making this short for CollegeHumor though! Lucky!

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Photo from USFA Heh, the one time I read Lifehacker, I come across something I can actually use in the future. It turns out that a pretty effective way to make sure an airline does not lose your luggage is to pack a gun or starter pistol into it and tell the airline that you […]