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I’ve been purposely using Foursquare a lot in the last few months because I had in mind to map out every single checkin I had in a year. You can already make personalized posters of your Foursquare checkinsĀ and also use the official Foursquare Time Machine to visualize your checkins, but for this roadtrip that I […]


Just came across this: Foursquare has a neat part of their site that elegantly lays out all of your Foursquare checkins in the past year. You can sort by category, relationship, and time. Try it out yourself.

Look at this video of Foursquare checkins during Hurricane Sandy. Watch as nearly the entire portion of Lower Manhattan goes without a single Foursquare checkin due to power being unavailable (and probably people realizing they don’t need to waste their cell batteries on useless checkins).