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This robotic cheetah can run at about 10MPH and also jump pretty darn high. Pretty cool. When will they make this as a house pet?

Folks, this is Kruger National Park in South Africa. Most famously known for the “Battle at Kruger” video posted below. This looks like an exciting place to go.

By now hopefully you’ve seen National Geographic’s groundbreaking slow-motion video of a cheetah running at full speed. I’ve posted a video showing some behind-the-scenes shots of what it took technologically to get this shot complete¬†and now National Geographic has gone one step further and shared this video of¬†Cinematographer Greg Wilson explaining in quite some detail […]

Nature is so damn funny. Watch this squirrel drop everything and run for its life. [via] Also, if this isn’t a leopard, it’s probably a cheetah or a jaguar. But honestly, I’ve forgotten all that I used to know about how to identify nature’s big cats. I need to go back to school.