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For once, I did not watch a video in its entirety before posting. But this one gets to slip by because of its content and the sheer length of it. It’s an hour-long video of a guided tour of the Brickworld 2014 LEGO convention in Chicago. Amazing.

Chicago, the murder-capital of the US, is home to a number of high-risk kids and young adults whose lives are seemingly pre-determined to be set on a path to crime, jail, and death. This 8-part VICE documentary goes into the depths of the current situation and takes a look at┬áMontefiore Therapeutic Day School, a place […]


Look at this crazy photo of a Blue Line train that derailed this morning, at 2:55AM, at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The train reportedly jumped the tracks and continued to climb the escalators at which point it finally stopped in a very unusual looking position that looks like something straight out of a disaster flick. CNN […]