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I don’t know if it’s a product of our society becoming increasingly busy with nonsense and distracting activities, but I feel like children dying in hot cars has happened a lot more this summer than any other previous. I won’t understand it — probably ever — and this video from TIME really glosses over the […]

A New York Times Retro Report about the real start of the public distrust of the Catholic Church from the beginnings of its public fight with child molestation charges. Eek.

I don’t recall this story at all, but it’s interesting nonetheless mainly because of how the trial turned out in the end after it was revealed that questions directed towards the kids in the case were leading them to say things that actually didn’t happen.


If you’ve taken mass transit in NYC in the last week or so, you must have seen the posters plastered everywhere about a missing child named Avonte Oquendo. The massive campaign to find the severely autistic 14-year-old who wandered off from his LIC school a few weeks ago is interesting because of how the NYPD […]