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A child going through Piaget’s conservation tasks

This was frustrating for me to watch not because I thought this kid was dumb, but because as an adult I realize that this kid’s reasoning for making his choices here are completely justified by his cognitive state at that age. It just makes total sense to him while not making any sense at all […]

Wow, this is the stupidest thing any parent could ever do. [via] If you need another reminder, here’s a bison charging a couple who taunted it back in 2010.

The culture of winning above all else must be changed. This is a good start.

After being “inspired” (so to speak) by the photos of a young Indonesian boy smoking, photographer Frieke Janssens took it upon herself to see what sort of reaction she would get if she purposely shot a bunch of kids dressed up in old-timey garb smoking too! You can se some of the portraits over at […]