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This is the 2nd Chinese New Year commercial I’ve seen in 2 days that is hard on the emotional content.


If you don’t have any Asian friends, let me tell you this. Today is their favorite holiday. They may say they love Christmas, long for Thanksgiving, or just really look forward to Spring Break, but deep down inside, all Asians secretly put Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) first. It’s true. So in the spirit […]

It ends nicely, but man, they sure do build it up to be one sad life for all these old folks.

Chinese New Year celebrations aren’t complete in China unless you have some insane show featuring acrobats balancing on top of things that don’t even normally stay balanced on top of each other. THIS IS BOSS. You gotta check this out. Thanks Corey!


Photo: Getty Images / Feng Li Yesterday was the start of Chinese New Year — it’s the year of the rabbit! So naturally, Chinese people just about everywhere celebrated and continue to celebrate into the weekend. In China, older women even dressed up as rabbits! How cute!