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This makes me sick watching it. Can’t believe this guy is not dead or throwing up.

Well this certainly came out of left field. Chipotle is doing some sort of weird advertising through Hulu in this satirical TV series that pokes fun at the food industry. The trailer is pretty amazing and the 4-part miniseries will debut on Hulu.

Watch this beautiful story ad from Moonbot Studios for Chipotle about a Scarecrow who lives in a dystopian food-producing world where animals are pumped by machines and harvested only for their meat. How does the Scarecrow make himself happy again? By growing his own food in a sustainable way. There’s a parody video of this […]


I can’t independently confirm this, but GOOD reports that certain Chipotle locations in New York and New Jersey have begun to ban pennies by rounding down to the nearest 5 cents on purchases. I am all for this because honestly, the penny is so pointless.

Coldplay’s song “The Scientist” gets covered by Willie Nelson in this really great stop-motion commercial for Chipotle about how the fast-food company is making strides in ensuring that their ingredients are treated well and farmed in a responsible manner. [via] If you want to see the set on where this was shot, check out this […]