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Chomp chomp chomp! That’s the sound this shark would make if it were real! But thankfully it’s not! It’s just a sleeping bag! Kendra Phillips is the mastermind creator behind this shark sleeping bag and you can snag one for just $200. I suddenly feel the urge to go camping. [via]

I won’t lie, I used to actively watch One Tree Hill, up until maybe like 4th season when it got completely ridiculous. Clarence shared this video above (from OTH season 6, episode 18) where Dan’s new heart gets eaten by a dog. I thought the show might have reached its peak of unpredictability in season […]

I don’t know the circumstances behind this video, nor do I know why there is a dead horse in the water, but my God, will you look at just how easily that shark bites through the flesh of that horse?!