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This is a pretty great tool if you’re a spec-geek and want to choose the best phone for both the┬áprice and features. Check it out here.


I had a good chuckle reading through Alex Cornell’s graphic on how to choose the right seat when sitting in a group in various table settings/shapes. See the full version inside.

Barry Schwartz’s The Paradox of Choice sort of changed my life a couple of years ago. And every once in a while I like watching videos of him explain the book in seminars (like in this TED Talk).

Looks like somebody forgot to close a hatch which would have prevented all of those lottery balls from flying out of the machine. Thanks for making me laugh, Poland! [via]

OMG, this is so weird but so awesome at the same time! I can’t believe this is an official video from Yale about its college and admissions process. It goes to show though that life is so much better when it’s a musical! Whoo!