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Sad news. Artist Chris Burden who is famous for large works of public art — among them, LACMA’s Urban Light and Metropolis II (seen above) — passed away on Sunday at the age of 69.


If you’re in NYC, you should go check out Chris Burden’s installation at New Museum on Bowery in NYC. It’s called Extreme Measures and it’s a survey of the artist’s work from his beginning up until now. Really whimsical and thought-provoking stuff. Here are some photos.

Narrated by Lisa Phillops. This time-lapse is pretty cool. It shows how the 2 outdoor sculptures by Chris Burden were erected on The New Museum.

One of the better videos I’ve seen of Chris Burden’s Metropolis II at the LACMA.

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II @ LACMA

Filmed this yesterday. The lady in the middle either has the best job or the worst job in the world. I can’t decide which it is.