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The Christchurch Earthquake in 2011 caused a lot of damage to property. Many buildings were abandoned and left to rot, and amidst the chaos a small group of people — homeless people — ended up having some really great places to live for a while.

Ian Strange ripped open and transformed several homes in Christchurch’s “Red Zone” into giant light houses. These homes were given their distinction after severe damage in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. You can see some images from this project entitled “Final Act” at Ian Strange’s website.

This video from the Civil Defense New Zealand shows how much damage was done by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in February of this year. So crazy to see it all so quiet!

A major 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand yesterday right in the middle of a regular business day, trapping many people in crumbled buildings and causing massive damage throughout the area. Here is raw footage from a TV news crew in New Zealand (the news network behind the footage above is doing live updates on the […]