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Well, there goes a popular book in Christian circles. Alex Malarkey, a then-6-year-old boy who wrote a book about being in a coma and nearly dying, seeing heaven and hell, and coming back from it all, just wrote an open letter to a Christian website and admitted to the book being a total lie. The […]

A church in Orange County, CA called Strip Church is sending groups of women into strip joints to win hearts for Jesus.

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Did you know that Christian artist Chris Tomlin is actually one of the best-selling artists of our day? His songs don’t get mainstream radio play, but the number of Evangelican Christians listening to and buying his songs makes him one of the most well-known singer-songwriters around — even if you don’t know his name. An […]

Sometimes the internet presents you with a gem. Today, that gem comes from Everything Is Terrible which has just posted this video of Psalty The Songbook and the gang getting stuck in Africa on the quest to find stolen Christian books. What’s with the kid in the floral hat and shirt?