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I’ve always wanted a giant car like this. Some really unusual car details here like 4 cigarette lighters, a translucent steering wheel, and a very ornate hub cap.

Watch Jay Leno totally geek out about this 1963 Chrylster Turbine, a car that utilized a turbine engine for propulsion and thrust. There’s a turbine car at the Petersen Auto Museum here in LA which I’ve seen, but the one at the museum doesn’t look nearly as beautiful as this one. I sort of wish […]


Logo by GRID, LLC AOL Autos (whose parent company is AOL and is no stranger to odd rebranding efforts) thinks that American automaker Chrysler needs a branding redesign to boost sales and put it back on top in the US auto industry. AOL Autos contacted 3 design firms for the task — Gavin Potenza (Script […]