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Kristoffer Myskja’s smoking machine made in 2007 takes an entire pack of cigarettes and burns through them like a pack-a-day smoker. The only difference here is that the machine doesn’t develop lung cancer and die or cause its mechanical friends to die of 2nd hand smoke.

I applaud Jeff Staple and his creative team for starting TRUTH1585, an initiative to curb smoking in youth and to also tell it like it is to the people that need to hear it the most. Simply, smoking is bad business. Well, it’s good business for those who make cigarettes and market them, but it’s […]

In celebration of today’s 50th anniversary party for The Flintstones, here’s a look back at how the cartoon helped make addicts out of an earlier generation. Ahh…times have changed haven’t they?

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Photo by Rocco Rorandelli Italian photographer Rocco Rorandelli was just profiled in The New York Times about his project that investigates the origins of the cigarette in India and China. His photo series shows a vast difference in respect for the cigarette and how it is perceived in both cultures. In India, the cigarette is […]