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That’s right. You read that title correctly. It’s monkeys riding dogs herding sheep at the Cincinnati Bengals’ half-time show!


Whoa! I had no idea there were actual libraries that existed like this! This beautiful photo is of the former “Old Main” Library of Cincinnati. The building was built in 1874 and unfortunately demolished in 1955. But man, this makes me think of that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Beast shows Belle his […]

I am so glad I spent the morning watching this CreativeMornings talk from one of my favorite photographers and designers Chris Glass. He talks about his process of becoming a designer and what that entails in terms of living day to day. Most of the time, he confesses that he doesn’t really know what he’s […]

Cincinnati is home to at least one (probably several, judging by the video) real-life superheroes that actually fight crime and protect citizens. This particular news story follows Shadow Hare, a masked crusader who parades around town in a black suit and cape with silver paint across his face. I think the question everyone wants answers […]