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Here’s another Max Roberts creation showing the London Underground Tube Map as a circle. Previously: Max Roberts’ circular NYC Subway Map.


Here’s a really interesting NYC Subway Map concept from Max Roberts. He turned the otherwise straight-laced NYC Subway Map into a beautiful circular interpretation of color lines. He says that this map is meant more for diagrams and distance interpretation than purely informative resource. I like it both ways.

Here’s what happens when you turn a Beck’s beer bottle into an Edison circular record.

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The answer: They are emergency “Code Red” signals to alert police that the driver of the cab is in danger or feels threatened. I’ve always wondered what these little orange lights were because I see them on a lot of cabs but I never see them lit up! It’s like a panic button at a […]

You can make just about anything out of LEGOs. You can make a printer, a chess set, mecha robots, a gun, a StarCraft Battlecruiser, a board room table, a Chinese lion dance figure, and even Stephen Hawking himself! Now, you can add circular saw to the list above. While it may not cut anything worthwhile, […]