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This video is everything. Everything. I spent the better part of 2012-2013 reading many books on the downfalls of suburban sprawl and the increase in people moving into denser urban areas. This video, without going into too much detail, explains exactly why I don’t ever picture myself living in suburbia outside of a major metropolitan city (like […]

The Human Scale is a film by Andreas Daslgaard about the way modern cities are being built and how that greatly affects its citizens in many ways. It focuses on breaking down the ill-effects of urban engineering for vehicles and takes a closer look at how people (not cars) are once again beginning to take […]


This interactive map from The New York Times shows how some cities would literally drown in water if sea levels rose. The silver lining here however (for now, at least) is that it may take centuries for this kind of sea level rise. But that’s not to say that sea levels can’t rise to these […]

20 hot dogs in 90 seconds from different cities in the US. It’s kind of interesting to see how much fatter the hot dog creations are in Southern states than in Northern states.


Nice to see Philly, Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York representing the east coast in this list of top 10 cities for cycling as put together with data from Walk Score.


Wow, check out these beautiful pieces of art by Chinese artist Yang Yongliang. They depict cities built on top of and around mountains in the hills of China. The placement of them inside a circle reminds me of Afterlight.