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A mesmerizing display of city lights and animation by Hiroshi Kondo, with sound by Ayako Taniguchi.

This video is everything. Everything. I spent the better part of 2012-2013 reading many books on the downfalls of suburban sprawl and the increase in people moving into denser urban areas. This video, without going into too much detail, explains exactly why I don’t ever picture myself living in suburbia outside of a major metropolitan city (like […]

It takes a while to get to it, but this National Geographic video shows off one project’s intention to install green roofs onto moving city busses.

My parents would never believe this if it wasn’t on the news. Hard to get them to give up that American dream to live in the suburbs.

Walking. The easiest and best thing you can do for your body. A great book to read on the subject of walking and city design is Walkable City.

Sea levels are rising but it’s often hard to imagine what that could mean for us. BuzzFeed put together this video showing different cities under water.