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The Daily Show explores the division inside Occupy Wall Street, namely the class system that has sprouted up which puts some OWS’ers above others. You know, the same sort of hierarchichal structure that might lead to, oh, I dunno, one segment of society getting more things than others? Life’s a never-ending struggle between the haves […]

Thanks BoingBoing for this incredible video of bravery from a Kindergarten teacher and her students as a drug-related gunfight goes on outside. UPDATE: CNN says the teacher, Martha Rivera Alanis, was recognized for her bravery.

Ornana Films uploaded this short video of a kid daydreaming and drawing in biology class, creating a phenomenal killing machine known as the ROBOT ELEPHANT! Trust me, this one is worth watching!

OMG, this is so adorable and hilarious. Watch as this little girl tries so desperately to get her two feet to go into first position at dance class. [via]

Bad Boy – watch more funny videos This used to happen in class all the time…silent mouthing from across the room. It’s funny thinking about it now especially after seeing this exaggerated video.