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I know this is meant for future classrooms (good luck getting school districts to pay for this!) but I really want this for my own apartment. The idea of sitting in a rolling chair with its own desk is quite intriguing to me. Not to mention the fact that it would require me to only […]

Thanks BoingBoing for this incredible video of bravery from a Kindergarten teacher and her students as a drug-related gunfight goes on outside. UPDATE: CNN says the teacher, Martha Rivera Alanis, was recognized for her bravery.

Classroom (3D camera flythrough) from Studio Aiko on Vimeo. Studio Aiko shows us this spectacular 3D rendering of a classroom. Yeah, that’s right. This is not actual video of a classroom. Here’s a quick video of how they constructed the scene if you’re at all interested. Classroom Scene – THE MAKING OF from Studio Aiko […]