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I’ve been using this app for the Mac called AirMail. It’s an email app that works extremely well for those of us who use Gmail as their main mail client but don’t want to always have a browser open. The best thing about this app, at least for me, is that when printing an email, […]


New look and better sharing capabilities right from the desktop. Get the latest version of Dropbox here.

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MacRumors has a quick write-up about upcoming Mac mail client Unibox which takes its cues from chat programs like OS X Messages. It’s hard to say how useful this will be until I actually start using it, but a Mail program that resembles Chat-like features sounds like it could be a good thing. Or…it could […]


This was a surprise: Sparrow, one of the best email clients for the Mac has been acquired by Google. BoingBoing posts an amusing take on what you should do now to prepare for upcoming updates.


It should be noted that the latest version of the wonderful email client Sparrow for Mac now includes POP and IMAP support. Get it for free, or get it for $10! It’s up to you! But definitely get it!


As a Christmas gift to clients, Dashwood gave out packs of these custom-designed and illustrated playing cards each with a short bio for the typeface used on the card.