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Remember that sidewalk clock at Maiden Lane and Broadway? Here’s a look at what’s underneath the sidewalk and how maintenance workers repair and wind the clock.


I wasn’t aware of this until just yesterday, but if you don’t already know, the amazing and useful Mac screensaver known as Fliqlo has finally been updated to support OS X Mavericks! It’s free and you can download it right now!

It’s the little details like this that make Arrested Development such an amazing show.

The Barthman Sidewalk Clock at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane is a little forgotten piece of history of NYC. I certainly have never heard of this clock, but I want to see it in person when I get back.

Wait a second, you can climb up to the clock room facing Park Avenue?!? I did not know that! Anyway, this video was pretty neat. I can’t wait to check these places out.