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This is news to me. Apparently tomorrow (Columbus Day) is the last day to eat at Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack before the location closes for up to 5 months to expand slightly and renovate. To celebrate the last day, Shake Shack is selling an “Emilia burger” made by Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria […]

This BOOK HIVE project is made by Rusty Squid and debuted last year at the Bristol Central Library to celebrate 400 years of Bristal Libraries. The installation features animatronic books that open and close in response to viewers in front of it. Neat!


This happened very suddenly yesterday: Calumet Photographic, a large distributor of photo equipment and services based in the US has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and immediately closed all stores. Even their website is down. So sad.

I’ve never been to Japan before, but of all of the things to be excited about, how come nobody has ever mentioned to me that the taxi doors in Tokyo open and close by themselves?!


I’m not sure why exactly I’m sad about this news, but I am. I haven’t used WinAMP in years (heck, so long that I actually still type out the name the way they originally had it) but for some reason this news of them shutting down strikes a bit of a chord with me. Arstechnica┬ájust […]