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Been a little obsessed lately with the old 9th Avenue Lower Level subway station along the D line that’s been closed since 1975. As always, photos are pretty wonderful, but visiting in person is always the best.

This is a video I haven’t seen yet. And I don’t mean this episode of Kids React. I mean the girl singing with her mouth closed.

I just learned from Vanishing New York that one of my favorite NYC knickknack shops has closed! Mxyplyzyk was a treasure trove of goodies and sometimes weird stuff — the perfect place to find gifts for somebody who hates everything. For now it seems, if you want a bit of Mxyplyzyk, you’ll have to travel […]


I figured as much after Hurricane Sandy, but after checking its website, I can now confirm that the NYC Police Museum located in Lower Manhattan is closed indefinitely as they repair damage done by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve always wanted to go here but it looks like this time around, I won’t be able to.


With the exception of a few streets which were JAMPACKED with cyclists (so many that I had to walk my bike), CicLAvia was a success. It was spectacular to bike streets, avenues, and alleyways in downtown without vehicular traffic. Places that I’ve driven past many, many times took on a completely different persona once I […]


I’m looking forward to seeing how this is. It’ll be a completely different experience seeing major parts of LA closed off to cars and open only to pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-vehicular activity. The streets are much wider here and I wonder if that’ll make it feel any different than New York City’s Summer Streets. […]