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This is news to me. Apparently tomorrow (Columbus Day) is the last day to eat at Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack before the location closes for up to 5 months to expand slightly and renovate. To celebrate the last day, Shake Shack is selling an “Emilia burger” made by Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria […]


Sad news out of Brooklyn! The Poler NYC pop-up store, which was really only supposed to last 3 months but ended up going for 9 months, is closing its doors on Sunday, June 27th. If you haven’t visited this shop, you should. It’s a nice, big space with a great selection of gear and apparel […]


There was once a time when I used AltaVista a lot. This was back in the day when Google was just getting started and it hadn’t picked up much speed or devotion yet. AltaVista was search king believe it or not. But those days are long gone, and on July 8, 2013, AltaVista will shut […]


The only way to save it is to donate $60,000 by July 15th, otherwise, it’s the new Geocities! My early blogging days came from Xanga, so this place holds a special place in my heart. But I don’t know, all those eprops just seemed so stupid.