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Aftenposten has sent 3 young Norwegian youths abroad to check out the places where their clothes are made. The youths are asked to go about a day in the life of a garment factory worker and to even, at times, make some clothes themselves. Their reactions are captured in this multi-part series.

OpenKnit is an open-source fabrication tool not unlike a printer that uses yarn instead of ink to print out garments. The concept seems to work very well, producing a full sweater in about an hour’s time. There’s a lot of tech know-how behind it, but for me, what I really like is this 3D printer […]

Neat little short film from Patagonia┬áthat aims to get more people to appreciate the things they already own. A great way to combat Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this film, Patagonia travels all around the world to talk to people who recycle, reuse, and get creative with the things they already have. Directed by […]

Really loving the New Road collection from Giro that blends technical and practical features into fashionable everyday bike wear.