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one tab

I am going to make use of this so much! One Tab is a Chrome browser extension that saves your open tabs as a list that you can recall one by one if needed. The purpose of this extension is to reduce memory usage — from many tabs being open to just one tab being […]

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PetaPixel posted this nice tip today for those of us that have camera chargers (like some Canon compact digital cameras). Instead of carrying the long charging cord around, just get an Apple duck head wall adapter and get rid of the cable clutter. The duck head adapter fits nicely alongside (or inside) the battery slot […]


A company called CableJive has hit upon quite possibly the greatest improvement to the iPod/iPhone/iPod touch in a very long time with their line of iStubz. [via] iStubz are very short iPod connector cables that greatly reduce confusion, entanglement, and headache on your desktop. There are times when a long cable is needed and there […]