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This interactive map from The New York Times shows how some cities would literally drown in water if sea levels rose. The silver lining here however (for now, at least) is that it may take centuries for this kind of sea level rise. But that’s not to say that sea levels can’t rise to these […]


I really like this COAST Anthology consisting of a bunch of writings from Singaporean writers. The book cover is especially eye-catching due to its off-centered edge printing which nicely falls onto the individual page edges and eventually to the back of the book as well.


As recently as the early 1940′s Huntington beach and some other nearby beaches along California’s coast were home to some towering oil wells like the ones seen here. [via] This is so crazy. And no, these are not Photoshop’d. These are real photographs.

The thing that Idris does at the end where he coasts on a fixed gear with his legs on the bike frame…I love doing that.