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Totally awesome leather coasters from Tanner Goods. Each set comes with 4 for just $25.


Ok, this is awesome. Heatsink coasters, in black and silver, for $110 for a set of 4!

Apple Coaster | In Use

Jamil Abbasy sends this link over showing a personal project he completed which turned his broken Apple Airport Extreme into a wonderful and functional drink coaster. He did this by taking apart the Airport Extreme and gluing the top and bottom covers together. Check out more photos inside.


Here’s a lovely set of 6 colorful hand-silkscreened coasters made to look like donuts! Designed by The Design Firm. Get them here on Etsy!


For just $300, The Distillery in Australia printed 500 of these lovely discs to promote their venue and the live shows that were coming up. It’s hard to gauge how big or small these are, but I bet these would be lovely coasters.