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Bike Safe Boston has photos of a beautiful bicycle coated in Halo reflective coating, the same kind of coating that is on my B43 Velocity wheels (seen here and here). When shined upon, this entire bike lights up like a road sign making sure that if you hit this cyclist, it’s probably your fault.

A Jacket for Life from Tin Man Films UK on Vimeo. I’ve never worn one, but these Barbour jackets look like something worth spending money on. Plus, waxed canvas? Ahh, my favorite.


Palette Industries is now taking pre-orders for the Nanton Coat Rack, a coat hanger designed to look like a home-sized version of an electricity pylon.


How do you protect yourself from rain that comes from all sides? Or what does every hurricane field reporter need in their gear bag? This umbrella suit/coat by designer Athanasia Leivaditou. Fully functional and it leaves your hands free to carry bags. Why is there no video demo of this jacket in action?

My goal with Doobybrain.com is to eventually post something on everything in the world. With this post here, I have completed the “how to put yourself inside of a coat” segment of the Doobybrain.com journey. I will congratulate myself now. HA HA HA.