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Helmut Smit has a new art installation called The Real Thing in which he boils a glass bottle of Coca-Cola to yield water vapor which he then collects in a separate beaker as drinking water.


Great news (sort of?!). If you’re feeling nostalgic for late ’90s/early-2000s soda beverages, Coca-Cola has got you covered. They are bringing back SURGE in larger 16-oz. cans. You can buy a case of 12 for $14 and relive that sweet, somewhat weird-tasting, green citrus soda “WITH CARBOS”.


This is neat! And I’m super late to write about this, but a few weeks ago Coca-Cola sent me this personalized package with two bottles of Coke, one labeled with my name and the other for a buddy of mine. It came packaged in this sweet box that when opened made an audible fizzie noise. […]

Did you know Diet Coke floats in water because it has less sugar in it?