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If you’re one of those people who think web design is a nerdy, geeky, text-based thing, then here’s a book for you (and me too!). It’s called HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites and it’s a wonderfully laid out textbook on all the basics of web design. Graphical, example-based, and easy to read, it’s available now for […]


I was reading this Reddit thread about rubber duck debugging (which I had not heard of until just recently) and after finding out what it was, I realized that this problem-solving technique could definitely be applied to many other circumstances as well. The name comes from a trick software engineers use to debug code. When something […]


A new video from the website Code.org shows you just how far learning to code can get you in life. Code is all around us and even those of us who don’t know how to code are inundated with it from all directions of daily life. The video here encourages people to learn to code […]

Wow, PBS Off Book goes way beyond what most viewers will probably understand about open-source creative coding that just so happens to look beautiful too.