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Click to enlarge This is utterly fantastic. The New York Times has published a long list of terms of service and shorthand code used in popular NYC restaurants to educate us on what the restaurant, servers, and management might be thinking of us as we dine. So good! More to come apparently from Ben Schott […]

Clouds: beta from DEEPSPEED media on Vimeo. Using the same technology as the Kinect + DSLR setup I posted on previously, a group of filmmakers is creating a documentary about hackers and artists who use code and computers to tell stories. The film called Clouds is by Jonathan Minard and James George and is due […]

Patrick Clair made this short video for Australia’s TV show HungryBeast on how a virus made by an unknown source helped shut down many of Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities. It’s not all good news however as it seems the virus is somewhat of an open-source project which means that it’s already been molded to possibly […]

Wow wow wow. Kotaku just posted a video of a game glitch (or Easter Egg) in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows you to play as the almighty Master Hand! The video explains precisely how you can get started playing as Master Hand and trust me, it’s not something that one can figure out easily […]


This is one of the most fascinating pieces I’ve read at WIRED. It’s about a sculptural installation at CIA headquarters that’s become one of the hardest known cryptic codes to decipher and it’s driving some people mad. The sculpture, called Kryptos, was created by artist James Sanborn and many believe him to be the only […]


Chris Colhoun is a web designer that has a pretty nifty business card. His business card lets you peek into the “code” that makes up the face of the business card. [via] More pictures on his Flickr.