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Check this out. It’s a beautifully animated video for Coldplay’s song “Ink”. It’s made by Blind. Check out some screengrabs inside.

I miss this version of Coldplay. Today’s Coldplay is so not very good.

Lately, all I can think about concerning Coldplay is that Chris Martin is dating Jennifer Lawrence. What are the odds that two people with first-person last names are dating each other???

I want to like this song, but I don’t think I can. Why did they turn this into a crappy dance song?

I can’t say that I’ve been terribly excited about the new Coldplay album. It’s a little boring (I know some of you will say that Coldplay is usually boring but I don’t really think that’s the case). In the context of this song here in particular, I’m not loving the whole dance pseudo-electro vibe being […]