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Man, I remember this news story very vividly because it was one of the first big news stories I followed in America when I first moved to Australia. This Retro Report from The New York Times interviews some survivors of the I-35W Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Amazing footage of the old elevated West Side Highway which was left abandoned for quite some time after a portion of it collapsed in 1973¬†under the weight of a dump truck. For a few years after, the highway was open to anyone that dared venture onto it. It became a dump lined with the occasional […]


This is so cool. Flickr user wavz13 has uploaded some scans of images showing the former elevated West Side Highway in its abandoned state in the mid ’70s. For those who don’t know, the West Side Highway was once a rarely used roadway that served portions of Lower Manhattan (before Battery Park City was around). […]

This is a demonstration of America’s largest shake-table to test for building preparedness in the event of an earthquake. This video shows the final test for the NEES-Soft Project Team at UCSD. The building had 17inches of lateral displacement at the first story prior to collapse. Video is courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie.

Luckiest boy in the world! Survives for up to 3 hours underneath massive amounts of sand (all thanks to a dead tree).