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Liu Yiqian’s private museum in China looks like an amazing place to walk through.

This is a clip from an upcoming documentary called Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys about a few folks who have amassed an amazing collection of vintage Star Wars paraphernalia and the company that was responsible for making these highly collectible toys. The full movie will be released in September on DVD. Keep your eyes […]

Here’s an interesting documentary from Chris Robinson about his family’s (specifically, his father) obsession with collecting Beanie Babies. They spent nearly $100,000 on buying and collecting these toys and initially they intended to sell them for a profit, but for some reason, that never happened. It’s a sad picture of American consumerism at its worst, […]

Dean Saffron visits this man named James who has taken it upon himself to collect a bike for every significant historical development in the history of bicycles. He’s well on his way it seems.

Mac Premo collects a lot of things and during a move a few years back, he started The Dumpster Project, an intense write-up of every single item in his found-objects collection which he then put on display inside a container. In the video above, you can see just how much stuff Mac Premo has collected […]


Check out this wonderful project by Mac Premo where he photographs every single collected [found] item in his possession and writes about it. He calls it The Dumpster Project and to show it off to viewers, he occasionally travels with the entire collection, housed in a shipping container, and opens it up for public display. […]