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Again, I’m not going to knock somebody for their hobbies, so…look at this guy’s massive collection of bird-related ornaments and objects.

Thrash Lab sent a reporter to go and see what drives people to collect sneakers. Not just regular old sneakers either. These are valuable, collectible, rare sneakers that go for several hundreds of dollars and can resell for up to 10x more.

Jeff Staple checks in with Paul Mawhinney and his massive record collection known to be one of the largest record collections in the entire world. In 2011, Paul sold his record collection in its entirety to Leo Yao, a Taiwanese engineer and business responsible for the making of the MP3 music format. Beginning July 2012, […]


Isn’t this Collector Plate from Felt & Wire just beautiful? It’s available in an edition of 50 and is clearly not meant to eat on. Looking only! [via]

An Australian company has developed a neat little tool called the BottleMate that easily pops the caps off of bottles while preserving their circular shape. Normally, if you have to open a bottle with a sealed cap, you end up bending it somehow with a bottle opener which really messes up the shape of the […]

The Dustbot is a fully automated garbage collecting robot that can be summoned to one’s home via a cellphone. The robot is an advanced combination of GPS navigation and gyroscopic systems rolling along narrow streets to come get your rubbish. There is currently at least one prototype working in Italy and the Dustbot’s inventors say […]