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Campus Quad iOS app – Case Study preview from SoftFacade on Vimeo. Wow, I’ve never personally used this app before, but I imagine it would be so useful if I were a college student on campus today.

To all my friends who are so focused right now on climbing the corporate ladder and missing out on life. Be careful what you wish for.

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To generate some early buzz for next summer’s release of Monsters University — the sort-of prequel to the huge Pixar hit Monsters, Inc. — Disney has created a complete website for the fictional Monsters University. And it’s not just a front page. Most of the links on the website work and go to other pages, […]

Disney/Pixar are releasing a new movie in Summer 2013 called Monsters University that picks up a few years before Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan started working at Monsters, Inc. This looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it!

What is wrong with Oberlin? Why highlight and promote on the school’s YouTube channel a bunch of students expressing how stressed they are at going to Oberlin?