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After flying too close to each other, one plane’s landing gear got stuck for a few seconds on the plane of the other. Scary! [via] Here’s the view from the other plane.

WHOA! Watch this video footage from a red-light-camera in Roselle Park, NJ that captures a car flying and twirling in the air as it hits a light pole after crashing into a car. Gothamist reports that the June 29th accident resulted in only minor injuries which is remarkable considering the height reached by the car.

Gameloft is set to release their own version of Blizzard’s StarCraft for iOS devices called Starfront: Collision. The game borrows heavily from the popular StarCraft game and there’s no telling how mad the folks at Blizzard will be about this (my guess is very). Has enough changed between the two games to warrant a noticeable […]

Time Warp Project from uiralamour on Vimeo. This is pretty frightening and the 3D rendering work here is amazing. Uira Lamour created this small piece in a variety of 3D and video softwares (the full list is in the video description on Vimeo).