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Let’s say you’re drunk driving and there’s a taxi in front of you stopped in the middle of the road for an unknown reason. Do you wait and maybe honk your horn a few times to alert the driver? Or do you just ram the car out of the way and speed right along? If […]

I really couldn’t make this up. In the small town of Cartagena, in Northern Colombia, it is culturally acceptable to lose your virginity to a donkey. VICE took a trip down there to find out more and…well, it doesn’t end well AT ALL. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

This is the craziest drug I’ve ever heard about. In Colombia, criminals use this drug called Scopolamine that is transferred as easily as blowing it onto somebody’s face and within minutes the person is rendered completely under your control despite being completely conscious. It’s scary. I don’t know how else to describe it. VICE went […]

In Colombia, you can go to El Totumo Volcano and sit inside it while workers rub you down with mud and give you massages. THE LIFE!

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Click image to enlarge Check out this fantastic photo of a mountain in Colombia taken by Picols Photo. The lighting here is incredible! Thanks M&W!

If the bus system in New York City was like Bogota’s, I’d gladly ride the bus everywhere.