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A very peculiar look at the community in Colorado — the heart of so-called “Gun Country” in America — that still is in love with guns even after nearby towns have been affected by some of the worst shootings in America. Personally, I’m in the group that just doesn’t get it.


In what is probably the best use of TwitLonger I’ve ever seen, actor Jason Alexander (most famously from Seinfeld) argues for more intelligent discussion about gun control instead of instantly reverting to the usual “right to bear arms” and “it’s a free country” spit-backs. This writing comes on the heels of the tragic shooting in […]

Hearing her shaking voice amidst the sheer terror of an out of control wildfire all around her gives me goosebumps all over. I hope she ended up ok! [via]

Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Seth Kimbrough and Bruno Hoffmann head to Colorado with Etnies and Cinema Wheel Co. Great soundtrack for this video.