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This is so sick! That custom logo plate is pretty damn fantastic. I had no idea Colorware did customization like that.

If you’re wondering what this color customization costs so much, this video explains it all.


What will it cost to turn your iPhone 5 into an ugly color brick? $1700. Yeah, that’s not a typo. [via]


I’m not going to pretend like the new Colorware Grip for iPad is a good deal. At $300, it’s far from it but I have to say that the idea for it is actually pretty good. All we need now is someone to steal the idea and market one at a reasonable price (say, $20 […]


Boy Genius Report had ColorWare send them a customized all-black BlackBerry Bold unit just for kicks. And it looks beautiful. I think if you order this from ColorWare, they take care of the entire process for your for a premium price. So if you aren’t keen on paying an arm and a leg for something […]


ColorWare, the company infamous for putting color on all of your favorite electronic devices offers a color program for the BlackBerry Bold. And the neat thing about coloring the Bold with ColorWare is that they offer the customization process in two forms: One where you can buy just the colored parts and do it yourself; […]