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Brandon showed me this and it’s weird. But it’s also very, very entertaining.


This one is taken straight out of an Anime! The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle is a gorgeous piece of machinery that will run you $72,000 — that is, if you can score one of the rare 36 that are available.

NSFW because of the language, but in case you’re wondering, here’s how you can make coffee in the battle field using food ration packets, water, and a heat pack. Gotta keep a good sense of humour out there and these guys are doing it right! [via]


If you’re a bit squeamish you may want to skip the video below. In an article published by FastCompany, the magazine takes a look at the newest field training exercises for US troops that simulate real-world scenarios and injuries. The simulations look like they are for a film but it’s actually for the troops in […]

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The New York Times has an interactive menu on their site that shows what combat units from different countries have in their combat meals. Just click on each meal pack and it opens up to show the contents. This is a nice way to get a real quick grasp on what foods are important to […]