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Got these in a few weeks ago. They’re alright. They seem a bit half-assed to be honest. Not my favorite deck, but hey, that special “cape” on the back of the Limited deck is a nice touch. More pictures inside.


Today’s internet gem is courtesy of Monster Brains which has uploaded an impressive hi-res collection of Witches Tales comic book covers for all to view. I’ve posted some here but you should click that link above to view them all!


Techland has a slideshow collection of Superman comic book covers that show the superhero being a bit of a jerk to those around him. They’re actually pretty funny. Maybe the man of steel is just too cocky for his own good.


Here’s part 2 of my trip to MAD (part one can be seen and read here). This time around, I’m showing off a Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design that I bought at the MAD Store. I’ve seen plenty of wallets made of alternative materials before, but this Mighty Wallet is certainly the best that I’ve […]