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I like this a lot. Maybe not so much the part of living next to your ex-wife, but even that has its benefits here as the shared custody between households means just walking over next door. There are 12 live/work townhomes in the Florence Lofts community in Sonoma County. Leopard bought the one next door […]

In this video called Cycling For Everyone, Marc van Woudenberg recounts the history of the Netherlands and explains how that country became the #1 cycling population in the world. The entire city caters to cyclists (but it wasn’t always like that) and that has generally led to a society that is living sustainably and more […]

There’s something very fun about watching Susan commute and explain her route to work on video. Getting to work should always be this exciting.

While LA is traditional thought of as a car-centric metropolis, this video shows that it is possible to travel to and from home and work entirely on mass transit and alternative modes of transportation. This one trip takes 2.5 hours and brings this rider on 2 buses, 1 train, and 1 skateboard over a total […]

An anonymous artist in Portland has turned one of the city’s bike lanes into a make-shift Mario Kart game lane complete with power-up objects from the game. What a nice way to liven the commute! [via]