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A Japanese Compact Flash card maker is going to release a 32GB RAID 1 CF card that backs up your files immediately on the card itself. Great news, so long as you don’t lose the card. Honestly though, it’s much safer to write to two separate physical storage devices rather than 1. But this will […]


Yes folks, it’s true! FireWire card readers are back! Earlier this month I wrote about one photographer’s findings of a brand-new type of FireWire 800 CF card reader that emerged into the market after all other FireWire readers basically went kaput. The situation (in brief) was that the company that made the FireWire component in […]


According to this post on Fstoppers, at least one regular-priced FireWire 800 card reader exists in the wild and believe it or not, it’s still in production for just $50 retail. Any US retailer selling these? If not, how come?


Hello folks! Ryan informs me that Adorama is currently having a nice sale on SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CF Cards, selling each one at only $25. A pretty significant amount of savings from retail value so if you’re shooting a lot of DSLR video these days or just shooting lots of RAW images, maybe this […]

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Amazon.com has a pretty good deal on SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CompactFlash Cards at the moment. They are $20 and very much worth it even if you don’t absolutely need a CF card (although it’s always good to have extra and since these are so cheap, you might as well).