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Did you know that The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set is now just $50? This is the best non-Black-Friday deal I’ve seen yet. But that doesn’t mean you should wait to purchase it. At this price, it probably won’t last very long. And believe me, $50 is a steal for this title. I bought […]


You don’t have to look very hard, but there’s a PDF floating around right now that includes The Complete Calvin and Hobbes in chronological order (just like in the book). I still recommend picking up the book, especially since it’s only $63 now (when I bought it, it was over $100). But do with this […]


I came across this on my own randomly and oddly enough, given all of the TMNT fans out there that I know of, I have yet to see anybody write about this. So here it goes. If you’re a fan of the original TMNT TV series, you’ll be happy to hear that the entire series […]


Arrested Development: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-3 Bundle) is on sale today at Amazon for $26.99! It usually goes for over $80!