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Check out these amazing photos of the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex in New Jersey taken by Rob Dobi. It looks like these images were taken late last year or early this year, sometime after Somerset Development purchased the lot. Future plans see the complex as a mixed-use space. I’d love to venture out there to […]

There’s been some studies on the intelligence of crows and the overall consensus is that these animals are extremely smart and capable of problem solving. This latest video from BBC shows just how smart these birds are at solving complex puzzles. Remarkable!

G-Shock making a bike just for the Bloods! Just kidding, sorta. But congrats to the team at Strada for their hard work paying off!!

littleBits Brand Video from Labour on Vimeo. This is the first time I’m hearing about littleBits but after watching this brand video above, I’m convinced that these would be incredibly fun to own and play with. Basically, littleBits are made up of tiny magnetic modules that you can add and connect to each other to […]