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This looks good. Here’s the trailer for Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher.


I want this in my room. A black cube that hangs off of the wall on one side and nestles you nicely into its center with an open desk space. This is the Obsidian office space made by SHD.


Designed and developed by Jinha Lee with Alex Olwal, Hiroshi Ishii, Cati Boulanger, this demo of a computer system known as SpaceTop allows for controlling a computer through depth control. Reach in, reach out, and watch as windows flow seamlessly through actual stacks (not just representations of stacks).


Google announced today the new Chrombook Pixel, a high-resolution (Retina-display) laptop with a touchscreen built right in. Like the Chromebook that came before it, this laptop runs Google’s own Chrome OS, an OS built entirely to run on the internet. The laptop is exquisitely designed and sells for a premium of $1299. Not for everyone, […]

Project Genesis: What if computers created humans?

This short film from Alessio Fava is pretty funny, if just a little dark. In it, he imagines a world where computers came first and then invented humans, eventually leading to humans becoming self aware and taking over.